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About Us

🇦🇺 Founded in Australia, Made in America 🇺🇸

It all started with a trip to America to see the great land of the U.S.A 

Through interactions with locals and noticing a consistent trend when looking around, it became clear there was a major problem within the U.S. health system and it was this…

In America, it is extremely easy and affordable to get sick (price of cigarettes, fast food, alcohol etc…) but it is extremely difficult (and expensive) to be and stay healthy.

This shocking realization & discovery came from living in a country (Australia) where general healthcare is free and big pharma won’t cost you thousands for standard treatments. 

But even more than just healthcare and pharmaceuticals… 

In Australia, eating & being healthy is affordable & accessible for all while being unhealthy, is more expensive.

Quite the opposite of the U.S.

But, the real moment we knew something needed to be done about this was when the unexpected happened...

We were told a story while travelling to the Getty museum in LA. Our Uber driver, an older woman who used Uber as her third job just to pay the bills, was amazed when she found out we were from Australia, the first thing she asked was whether we have kangaroo’s everywhere...
...(unfortunately, that is a myth, sorry to say!)

...She also began to ask us if it were true that our healthcare is free and asked us what medication would typically cost. She went on to mention how her son was sick growing up and how it costed her thousands of dollars every single month to get medication for him. 

Now, we’re not doctors and we don’t claim to be!

But we do know that with the right natural supplementation, a lot of the time, all of us can avoid having to take expensive pharmaceutical medications that are regularly prescribed to us that can sometimes cause more harm than good!

In saying this, we always recommend speaking with your doctor before changing your regular medications or want to try something new. 

But, if there's any proof to what we claim, it's the endless success stories from our customers. 

The stories where they've been able to stop taking pharmaceutical meds all together thanks to some of our products. That they're feeling the best they've felt in over 10 years. Or that they're looking and feeling younger now than ever before!

This is what we consider success!
Helping everyday, ordinary Americans live a healthier, happier life WITHOUT the hefty price-tag!

And so, because of that one woman, sharing her story with us, Vita Organics was born. 

With all shipping & manufacturing conducted within the U.S. to keep shipping times fast and our quality high. We’re able to provide high quality, natural vitamins and supplements at prices that WON’T break the bank that help our customers experience fast & noticeable results in their health!

We have over 20,000 satisfied customers and a mission to impact the lives of millions, will you be the next to join the Vita Organics Family?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your order in the first 90 days, simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

Fast, Local Shipping!

All orders are shipped out of our warehouses in Utah, our standard shipping time is 3-7 days.

70,000+ happy customers

You can rest assured you're in good company with thousands of American's making the switch to Vita Organics for their supplement & Vitamin needs!