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Rating of order

Firstly of all, the order was delivered earlier and the product was in order and it's very effective, I like and will order another one as soon as possible.

Cleared my brain fog

I've been having problems with staying focused for a long time now and thought I had ADHD or something (maybe I do), was ready to get tested for it, but decided to give this a try first since I didn't want to take adderall or alternatives of it, and what do you know? It lifted the fog off my brain in less than a week. Mind is literally blown!

Joint Flex Ultra
Janice Prosterman
Have not tried yet

I have not tried it yet because I am having some side effects of a different new supplement and want to resolve that first before adding a new supplement.


I was taking shots in my right knee and my right wrist for
arthritis every three months. I am 85 yrs old and after I started taking 2 Turmeric a day it took about 2 weeks and I could not believe how it worked. I have not had a shot sense last Aug. I have used a lot of pain pills and not on any now. I am taking Turmeric from now on. For me it is great.

Tumeric Curcumin

Luv this stuff, every morning in our Coffee

Turmeric Curcumin w/BioPerine (Premium Strength)

Sugar Shield - Advanced Blood Sugar Support

Joint Flex Ultra
Wendy Hinz

Please try to get back to me

Great product

I take this nightly.

I was really impressed!

Delivery time was great ,awesome natural pain reliever for arthritic oain

Great tumeric

I enjoy the healthy way I feel taking these vitamins

Multivatimin Gummies are amazing

These gummies are honestly SOOO tasty that it was hard to stick to the recommended dose!! I would very much endorse these!

Wonderful change

I have been use Vita Organic for over 3 months. The pain of my elbow went basically away. I recommend this product, especially those who are in menopause and the pain in joints and bones are constantly appearance during the day. I can lift weights again Amazing results

I was a skeptic

I walk dogs for a living so I put on a lot of miles every day. I am also 60 years old, so things don't heal as fast as they used to years ago. Late last summer, my right ankle started hurting for no reason I could surmise. I tried ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin, ice, heat, wrapping, staying off of it, being on it, stretching, massage, an ankle brace- everything I could think of doing. Nothing helped, and I dreaded my dog walks because it just hurt so much. I saw ads for Turmeric and then did my own extensive research on it, and decided I had nothing to lose, though I was very skeptical that it would make any noticeable difference. I placed my order and it came quite quickly. I started taking one capsule in the a.m. and one in the evening. On the 3rd morning, I was walking around my apartment and it occured to me....hey, my ankle isn't hurting! I was truly amazed that it actually worked, and how quickly it had done so. Now, after a month of using it, I am able to walk long distances with no pain at all....hallelujah! I will stand on any rooftop and shout that this spice is amazing. It's so nice to have a product live up to it's claims. Thank you.

Amazing Product

This company has amazing products. Their shipping time is the fastest I’ve seen . Thank you Vita Organics!

Thank you for your great products

Turmeric Curcumin w/BioPerine (Premium Strength)

Joint Flex Ultra
JoEllen Belding

Ken for 2 months helping a lot I think. Ordering more!

Great results

I’ve been using the turmeric for about one year. Great product. So much less pain. Moving much better. One capsule morning and night.

Love this

I feel a big difference


All good

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